about jill and shyam

unbelievably, jill and shyam met at a dance at north torrance high school! set up by mutual friends, they ended up having a great time. this began many marathon conversations, coy flirtations, and all around good times. they finally started dating a year or so later in june of 1999 on manhattan beach when shyam asked: “so, what’s the deal with us anyway?”

7 random things about jill

•	jill loves to read, travel, and eat more than just about anything.  seriously.
•	jill is a fourth generation japanese-american, and surprisingly, not hapa.
•	jill wanted to be an archeologist when she was growing up.  indiana jill, perhaps?
•	jill has always enjoyed hip hop more than any other type of music.
•	jill is a fan of the urban lifestyle and the island lifestyle,  equally.  if only oakland could be plunked into hawaii…
•	jill is an extremely active sleeper: she rocks, she rolls, and on occasion, she even chuckles.
•	jill loves sports, and has played many, but still sucks at them.

7 random things about shyam

•	shyam has spent almost equal amounts of time in three cities: bombay, torrance, and berkeley.  as a result, he is trilingual!
•	shyam was a valedictorian at north high school.  woot!  
•	shyam wore a ponytail as a baby… and everyone has conveniently forgotten as to why this is so.
•	shyam actually finds running relaxing, and is quick too!
•	shyam really loves neckwear, especially from ben sherman!
•	shyam learned to drive (from jill) this year!
•	shyam insisted on wearing khakis throughout high school, and even had khaki socks.  then he went off to college, and never wore a pair again.