the haikus

even though many of you forgot the rules of haiku writing (5-7-5!),
the results were still awesome!  we decided to type them up so that
you could enjoy them, as we will, for a very long time.

when it comes to you,
there aren't no better than you,
jill and shyam you rule!

shyam says, "cal, go bears!"
jill will roll her eyes and stare
love is in the air

jill kunishima
love in between them always
her heart shyam patel

two faithful, loving
partners who have waited
long for this moment

india, japan
tandoori, teriyaki
cook for me, my friends!

too drunk for this
at the moment…
what is a haiku?

although i love you
it sucks to make me use math
to tell you congrats

i'm an english major
i should know this
let's see – nope, still
not coming back to me…

happy happy day
i like you both very much

i can't think of one!

two adventurers
on the journeys of their lives
love it – it flies by

you two are the best
amazing times await you
what will happen next?

too hard.
i graduated.
leave me alone.

leaves danced towards the grass
circling around the couple
the bride and the groom

happiness springs anew
together your lives entwined
magnolias blossom

it's night time at lab
nanofibers spin and whirl
cells and stars align

dr. shyam patel
and jill a mrs. today
a wonderful two

what is a haiku?
doctor patel would know it
but jill is the boss!

pasadena love
passion and truth united
gorgeous asia calls

crazy jill and shyam
i don't know how to haiku
but at least i tried

i don't know how to
write a good one
I would if I could

summer brought to you
an occasion to share your
happiness with us

ledah and hailey
made a terrible haiku
for your wedding day

two lovers unite
wedded bliss does marriage bring
let love bloom this night

food is always good
especially indian
and japanese too

shyam and jill are cute
shyam not funny anymore
jon is a jackass

jillie and shyamie
haikus are so hard to write

love, happiness, bliss
kids, sleepness nites, kids, work, kids
retirement, peace, love

good luck shyam and jill
i don't have any ill will
against you … k bye!

high school buddies
fell in love, vows were spoken
in love – sigh!

may the sun bring you warmth
may the earth clear a path for you
may the wind gently blow away your cares

i can't do a
haiku – maybe
someday i
will, boo hoo

you are very nice
always love each other oh –
be true to your school

began with sadies
now they are really married
bring out the babies!

i wed in two months
i only hope i might be
so lucky in love

lucky in love, jill and shyam
we call them kuni-patel sometimes
nick and nicole wish you well!

standing face to face together
smiling with love
your future now unites in time
forever as one

hello friends from years past
this haiku is making me tired
i think i am done

cal bears rule always
shyam lost his hate and vitrol
jill gained a husband

seven vow-filled steps
jill smiles.  shyam chuckles.  truly.

shyam is the smart one
jill is the happy fun one
together perfect!

jill and shyam
sitting in a tree
aw, you know the rest

in sunshine season
love blows wildly passion flows
commitment made so

jill and shyam are cool
they love each other a lot
they are very happy

two high school sweethearts
a monkey and a princess
and they got married!

jill and shyam haiku
seemed like a bright idea
my brain really hurts