the proposal

after seven years of love, shyam knew there was a future in store for jill and himself, and so, with the help of his sister, he spent weeks looking for the perfect ring. after many weeks of the four c's (and slimy salesmen), on the 100th anniversary of the san francisco quake (if you want to hear some quality symbolism, ask shyam about why he chose this day!), he found it!  ring in hand, and overly excited about his purchase, he decided to propose to her that very night! 

after researching the meal of her dreams (thank you, google!), he bussed and biked his way to various stores gathering all the right ingredients for it. he cooked the fish, he prepared the risotto, and he placed it artistically on two plates. 

then he waited. and waited. finally, jill came home, starving (as usual), and was pleasantly surprised to find such a lovely dinner made! 

as she pulled up to the table, shyam, who was getting increasingly antsy, excused himself to grab the ring. then, being as confident as he could be, he walked up to jill, popped open the ring box and, without even getting on one knee (it seems that was forgotten in nervousness) asked if she'd be his wife. of course, jill said “yes”, and the rest, as they say, is history…